The Lattice Garden Trellis

by Scroll Trellis®

Lattice Garden Scroll TrellisA tall garden trellis is the perfect way to display and support your vines and climbers as they grow to 9 ft. H, imagine a mailbox post or a bare deck post totally covered in foliage and flowers. This lattice panel trellis is offered as a kit and is quick and easy to install with limited skills and common tools. As the trellis becomes covered with flowered vines, the trellis virtually disappears. Be prepared to have your neighbors ask how you got flowers to grow on a post. Install before your plants start climbing and you'll enjoy your trellis all season long, grow plants exactly where you want them.


  • Narrow 4 in. W garden trellis designed for deck supports, fence and mailbox posts, if a shorter trellis is desired, this flexible but sturdy lattice trellis can be shortened with household scissors
  • Larger trellis is needed, for instance to frame a window, gate or doorway, it's easy to combine trellis units to create the size and shape trellis that you need so you can grow climbing plants exactly where you want them
  • Heavy-duty garden trellis, this trellis is rated for up to 50 lbs. and has been tested year around in tough Minnesota weather so you can confidently support your long-lived vines for years
  • Natural cedar mounting brackets included in the kit, are cut to size and predrilled they attach the lattice trellis to your structure with stainless self-tapping screws the mounting brackets are 2 in. D to offset the trellis from the mounting surface so your vines will receive fresh airflow between the trellis and the structure it's mounted on (note: the screws included in the kit are not made for masonry (brick/cement/stone) surface)
  • Trellis won't crack or break like wood trellises, fall over in sandy soil or burn your plants like metal trellises in the Sun
  • Best climbing plants to grow are plants that prefer to climb materials that don't warm up in the sun: clematis, passion vine and cathedral bells, other fast climbing vines include morning glories, climbing black-eyed Susan and Mandevilla
  • The dimensions give are for 1 lattice panel.
  • Made in the USA

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People Love Scroll Trellis...

It worked perfect for what we needed. We used it for a morning glory to wrap around our deck post.

I wanted to grow my clematis up the deck post, but I didnt want to have to build a trellis or put ugly chicken wire around the pole. 

Read more: It worked perfect for what we needed. We used it for a morning glory to wrap around our deck post.