7 Steps to Install a Tall Trellis Designed for Narrow Spaces that will Last for Years

Tall Narrow Trellis available Here



Grow an Dome Shaped Hanging Plant with a Trellis that Lights Up

Love stylish pendant lights? Take that look outdoors and grow your own with a plant and an orb shaped trellis that includes solar LED lighting.

Topiary Frame with Lights available Here




Scroll Trellis 15 inch tall Trellis for Small Indoor Plants in 6 inch Pots

A decorative trellis for indoor and outdoor potted plants! 

Available here




Four Trellis Designs and Three Beautiful Vines

Available here




Grow Healthy Plants Indoor with a 20 inch Tall, 20 inch Wide Trellis

Available here




Scroll Trellis 9 Foot Tall 4 Inch Wide Downspout Trellis

Available here