The Basket Boosterâ„¢ is a trellis, sold with solar lights, to enhance a hanging basket or as a "thriller" centerpiece in container gardening.

Click image below to see a short video introduction to the Basket Boosterâ„¢ 

Basket Booster Assembly Instructions

Use this trellis in container gardening for vining plants to string with lights!

Solar lights strung on a Basket BoosterFarmtable with Basket Booster Center piece

Use in this trellis in hanging baskets with wire hangers for growing vines or lighting up with lights!

Hanging Basket with Dipladenia and Lofus Vine

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See your plants at night!




Other uses: Small Space Gardening, Outdoor Solar Lighting, Container Gardening, Urban Gardening, Balcony Gardening, Grow Green , Grow PrivacyCreate Ambience