Stack TrellisTM

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An Tall and Wide Trellis for Small Space Gardening

One of the biggest gardening trends is an emphasis on food crops and urban gardeners are growing more food in 2018 in far less space than in the past.  One solution to overcome space limitations is to grow plants vertically in a container on balconies, patios or in the ground right outside a door.  Gardeners are finding however, that there are very few choices amongst large plant supports that aren’t an eyesore, are free-standing and are functional.  Limited trellis choices paired with building restrictions against attaching a trellis to the building structure has created a problem for apartment and condo dwellers that want to garden. 

The Problem:  There are limited trellis options for growing food crops and flowering vines in small spaces.

The Solution:  Stack TrellisTM is a free-standing, 38" Tall, attractive plant support to grow vertically and use less space.

The Stack TrellisTM provides gardeners with more opportunities to garden.

Because the Stack Trellis™ is free-standing, it can be used virtually anywhere and it is easily moved if the gardener changes residences.  The trellis's attractive design adds an elegant architectural touch to a garden viewed right outside a window!  The Stack Trellis™ is patent-pending and ships unassembled in compact packaging, making it ideal for mail-order shipping.


Stack Trellis Starter Kit Assembly Instructions


What about Organic Gardening? 

The Stack TrellisTM was designed to come in contact with food.

Does this sound like a familiar story:

The avid gardener investigates sources for non-GMO seeds, organic soil and natural methods to deter pests, but then wonders, what about the plant support?  Are there any plant supports that are designed to come in contact with food?

When we began investigating the idea of manufacturing a food-grade trellis/plant support we learned that many plastics should not be used.   We carefully chose a Class 5  plastic to ensure it is safe for growing food.  The plastic is HDPE, food grade and can be recycled.  HDPE is a stable material, it does not leach any chemicals, toxic or otherwise, into the soil.  This is the trellis for organic gardening!

Trellis Benefits:

Constructed from BPA-free, recycled, food grade materials, flattens for storage, large interior for sunlight and air circulation, design holds twine in-place, Free-standing

Other uses: Small Space Gardening, Container Gardening, Urban Gardening, Balcony Gardening, Grow Green Walls, Grow Privacy Walls, Camouflage eye-sores, Create Ambience

Stack TrellisTM is easily assembled  

(Assembly takes approximately 20 min. or less)

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