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    How to Grow Huge Hanging Basket!



    How to Grow a Huge Hanging Basket Plant a Vine!

    • 2 to 4 Climbing Thunbergia plants or 12 to 15 Climbing Thunbergia seeds (the amount depends on how big your basket is)
    • 2 or so petunia are optional but as you can see they nearly disappear too, the vine fills in that well!
    •  1 hanging basket, the size shown here are 14 to 16 inches.
    •  Important, the hanging basket must have a wire hanger, a plastic hanger won't work
    •  Soil
    •  A Scroll Trellis Topiary frame sold exclusively by Scroll Trellis.
    • Hang in a sunny spot that is not too hot in the pm
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    Overview of the Quick and Easy Assembly Steps









    This trellis is offered as a kit that quickly and easily snaps together, no tools needed.