The Scroll Trellis Lattice Garden Trellis

by Scroll Trellis®


The Lattice Garden Trellis is designed to support twining vines in a narrow space, such as up a post or around windows or doorways.

It is 9 feet long and easily fits from the ground to the top of a deck post or up the side of a door.  If you want a shorter trellis, it is easy to cut the lattice with regular household scissors.

Scroll Trellis framing a window with flowers


Scroll Trellis Kit Plant Support for Outdoor Climbing Plants
The Scroll Trellis is Sold as a Kit
The Scroll Trellis Garden Trellis has all the hardware shipped with it
Scroll Trellis are easy to install

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Our family loves this trellis!

Our family loves this trellis!  It attaches quite easily to any surface and is simple to install.  The design is great, as it allows our clematis to climb right up and it is certainly a conversation piece in my perennial garden.

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