The Downspout Trellis

The Downspout Trellisby Scroll Trellis®

An Adjustable Trellis to Cover Downspouts.

Covering your downspout with a trellis to grow vines, flowers and foliage is an ideal way to make your downspout blend in and add height and beauty to your yard. This strong but lightweight 9 foot tall black lattice downspout trellis is attached onto your existing downspout. Increase your curb appeal and camouflage your downspout too!

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The packaging is compact.  This 9-foot tall trellis weighs 1.1 pounds and, as packaged, measures 4" x 5" x7"

The trellis is packaged as a tangle-free roll of lattice with mounting brackets and hardware included. 

Our trellis design is the only trellis for downspouts that can be shortened in order to customize the trellis fit to the length of the downspout, so if your downspout is shorter than 9 feet, no worries!

The lattice doesn’t heat up and burn the plants like metal trellises or rot like wood trellises.

The lattice has the ideal grid size for plants that climb by twining.

The trellis brackets provide a 2-inch offset from the downspout to provide healthy airflow between the plants and the downspout.


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