Scroll Trellis is designed for climbing, vining plants, like Clematis and Mandevilla and these products are so so versatile that they can fit in and around most anything in your home's garden, deck, porch, or patio!Scroll Trellis in use!

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  • Clematis Garden Trellis
  • Junior hanging basket available in a variety of custom colors
  • tct
  • Thunbergia
  • tomatobasket
  • She Shed
  • The Garden Trellis that won't be stopped by windows!
  • shopdog
  • Thunbergia Scroll Trellis




Excited to see the clematis climb the trellis and fill the cross with beautiful flowers...

The trellis that our customers and Clematis love!First, I received my scroll trellis in a package so small and light I was surprised to find what it contained – the entire cross model of the trellis.  The cross piece is 4’ across, so I mounted the center of the cross piece 7’ off the ground, directly above the clematis we planted last year.  

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