An Eye-catching Uniquely Balloon-shaped Trellis for Potted Plants that looks like Wrought Iron*

*Trellis is manufactured from heavy duty polypropylene (heavy duty plastic)



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This plant support is sold as a kit that quickly snaps together into an eye-catching classic dome shape to support vines and climbing plants.

It is 15 inches Tall above ground, to support medium sized vines and get bigger leaves through more sunlight and healthy airflow.

The sturdy base is 5 inches in diameter to fit into 6 inch wide pots. Ideal to install the trellis when repotting a plant from a small 4 inch wide pot into a 6 inch medium sized pot. The planting space is 4 inches wide, remove soil from the root ball if needed to easily fit into the 4 inch space. The eight 15 inch tall trellis "ribs" will allow your plants to grow higher.

  • Use for Philodendron, Pothos, Ivy, Jasmine, Vining Monstera and more.

















Overview of the Quick and Easy Assembly Steps









This trellis is offered as a kit that quickly and easily snaps together, no tools needed.