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The Basket Booster™ is a trellis for a hanging basket or for container gardening it's available with and without lights. 

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An easy Christmas gift!

Why create a trellis for Hanging Baskets and Container Gardens?

Hanging Baskets and Container Gardens are appealing for so many reasons!  Once planted the baskets and containers add instant color to the landscape, it’s easy to bring a new plant variety into one’s outdoor living space and they are fairly easy for amateur gardeners to create their own personalized work of art. Hanging Baskets have become one of the mainstays for Mother’s Day gifts.   The Basket Booster™ makes creating a personalized gift for Mom even easier than in the past. This versatile trellis also provides a structure to string solar lights so plants can be enjoyed during the day and after dark!  (Basket BoostersTM are available as a kit, with or without custom solar lights)

 Using a Basket Booster™ in a Hanging Basket or in Container Gardening adds the classic elegance of a topiary with the functionality of a trellis for growing vining plant varieties.  In the past, growing vining plants has resulted in the look of a pyramid-shaped plant as the vines tend to grow up the hanger on the basket or twist around themselves until they spill over the container and eventually fill in.  The Basket Booster™ enables vines to grow into a full verdant shape from the start. Gardeners don’t want their plants to get lost when viewed from outside their home which lends support to the phrase: Go Big or Go Home!

The Basket Booster is available with or without Solar Lights.  See more here



Other uses: Small Space Gardening, Outdoor Solar Lighting, Container Gardening, Urban Gardening, Balcony Gardening, Grow Green , Grow PrivacyCreate Ambience