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New Products from Scroll TrellisTM

Want to get more Produce per seed?  

We are introducing the Snap TrellisTM to support plants and produce not only larger harvests but healthier plants, to benefit you!


As seen in the video a short summary ~ 

The Stack TrellisTM is composed of one common component. When 4 of the single components are stacked, they form a balloon light bulb shaped trellis.

As the need for additional vertical plant support occurs, another balloon layer can easily be stacked onto the preceding trellis, without tools.

This is the 1st Add As It Grows trellis.

The bulb shaped trellis promotes healthier plants and larger harvests.Better yet, it can also be stacked to add height as the plant grows!

This is a great DIY project that is easy to assemble, quick and easy, no tools required.  Seeing is believing!


Give it a try! and see if the Stack TrellisTM enables you to grow healthier plants and reap larger harvests!

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