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Stack Trellis Starter Kit

Stack Trellis Triple Tier Kit

Basket Booster Kit with variations

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Scroll Trellis Purchasing and Pricing

The 9' Garden Trellis

This is the Trellis that is sold as a kit, combine kits to make the size and shape trellis desired.

See Garden Trellis on Amazon

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The Stack Trellis Starter Kit  

A Modular Trellis, the only Trellis where you can add additional height as your plant grows.  Made from food safe, medical grade materials.

See Stack Trellis on Amazon

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The Stack TrellisTM Triple Tier Kit 

The solution for plants that outgrew the Stack TrellisTM Starter Kit

See Triple Tier Trellis on Amazon

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The Basket Booster

It adds the classic elegance of a topiary with the functionality of a trellis for growing vining plants or to string solar lights.

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