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Solar Lights for DIY Decor







Product Wall Trellis/Garden Trellis Trellis for 12" or wider Containers with Solar Lights 
Product in Use
Actual Product
Use For Clematis, Passion Vine, Morning Glory Thunbergia Vine, Candy Corn Vine
Link to Amazon to Shop Garden Trellis/Wall Trellis Trellis with Solar Lights
Product 38" Tall Trellis 58" Tall Trellis
Product in Use
Actual Product
Use For

Vegetables: Tomatoes, Cucumber, Peppers  

Flowering Vines:  Clematis, Thunbergia

Front Door Decor

Vegetables:  Tomatoes, Pole Beans 

Flowering Vines Morning Glory, Mandevilla

Link to Amazon to Shop 38" Stack Trellis 58" Tall Stack Trellis
Link to Accessories Solar String Lights N/A