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Shop Scroll Trellis Retail pricing watch for Sale and New products!Whether a new or seasoned grower, you will take your urban outdoor experiences to a new level with Scroll Trellis' fresh and functional re-design of some old garden products.


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$ 24.99
This contemporary garden trellis from Scroll Trellis, is designed to transform bare deck posts into beautiful flowering foliage. Other suggested uses are the side of a fence or a building (using a sealant such as DAP).
$ 29.99
$ 19.99
The first Stack as it Grows (TM) trellis! This is a modular trellis you build yourself and can expand if needed. If your plant outgrows the trellis, additional height is added to the trellis by assembling the Add a Stack (TM) kit and attaching it to the preceding trellis.
$ 12.50
$ 12.50
Add a Stack TM is used with the Stack TrellisTM When used in-ground or in a container, if the plant outgrows the Stack Trellis (TM), additional height is added by assembling an Add a Stack (TM) kit and stacking the new trellis onto the first trellis.
$ 12.50
The Hanging Basket Trellis is shipped as a kit of 8 trellis legs to make one basket. Slide the legs over the wire hanger on your planted hanging basket, secure the 8 trellis legs with tree fasteners a zip ties (included) train your vine and Voila!