The trellis that our customers and Clematis love!First, I received my scroll trellis in a package so small and light I was surprised to find what it contained – the entire cross model of the trellis.  The cross piece is 4’ across, so I mounted the center of the cross piece 7’ off the ground, directly above the clematis we planted last year.  

Using a 2’ level to keep things straight, I then stretched the trellis arms tight and screwed them in place on either side.  Using the level again, I hung the top of the vertical piece 2’ above the center cross piece.  At the base, I used a ¼” masonry bit to drill into the foundation, put in a piece of wooden dowel as an anchor, and screwed the base into it.  Two push plugs (insert proper name) (provided) lock the vertical piece in place on the center block of the horizontal piece.  Then it was just uncoil the vines of the clematis and hook them onto the bottom of the trellis.

Materials needed: ¼” dowel
Tools needed: 2’ level, screw gun, ¼” masonry bit.
Time required: I didn’t time it, but it didn’t take long.

We are excited to see the clematis climb the trellis and fill the cross with beautiful flowers. This trellis is a great idea.

- Pastor Steve