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Larry and Diane

We are a small family-owned company located in Hugo, Minnesota.  

We have been in business since 2011.  Our journey started when we moved to Minnesota.  We had a deck, at home, for the first time and decided to plant a shade garden under it.  One of the first things we installed was a hanging chair and then began planting shade plants.  Diane was still a very novice gardener but wanted to grow clematis up one of the deck supports to add both height and a little more privacy.  The trellis Diane got was sadly about 4 ft tall and way too wide for the deck post.  The clematis, Hagley Hybrid was too tall for the trellis, so Larry decided to solve that problem!  He researched the optimal trellis for climbing clematis and learned that clematis climb using their very short leaf stems.  He found some mesh that was the ideal grid size for clematis, made the brackets and our first trellis was born!

Here's a image of the flagship trellis still going strong in 2022!

First Sold on Amazon

The 9 FT Tall Scroll Trellis for Narrow SpacesClematis Hagley Hybrid flourishing on a Trellis made for deck posts.












Diane and Larry, co-owners of Scroll Trellis




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