Scroll Trellis™ Garden Trellis 

This is the trellis that Clematis love!

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This is a 9 foot garden trellis that fits and ships in a 9 inch bag

The trellis is sold as a kit, combine kits to create the size and the shape trellis desired.

Mount on a deck post, a fence, a wall

Trellis is easy to install, hardware (self-tapping screws) and instructions are included. 

The mounting blocks are natural red cedar and they are predrilled.

Plants will be protected from mildew by the 2” support brackets that allow healthy airflow between the trellis and the structure it’s mounted on.

Trellises are designed and tested to hold up to 50 pounds and are designed to support the vigorous growth of plants that climb by twining (like Clematis, Morning Glory or Cathedral Bells).

Trellises are tall enough that they won’t have to be replaced as the average plant grows to full height but additional units may be installed if needed.

Scroll Trellises won't break like wood trellises or rust like metal trellises.      

     Dimensions are 108 inches long (9 feet) by 4 inches wide. the perfect size for a deck post.

Click here for printable installation Instructions


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The Scroll Trellis Garden Trellis is sold as a Kit.  It virtually disappears from view when covered with vines.Clematis growing on a Scroll Trellis Garden Trellis









Excited to see the clematis climb the trellis and fill the cross with beautiful flowers...

The trellis that our customers and Clematis love!First, I received my scroll trellis in a package so small and light I was surprised to find what it contained – the entire cross model of the trellis.  The cross piece is 4’ across, so I mounted the center of the cross piece 7’ off the ground, directly above the clematis we planted last year.  

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