Welcome to Scroll Trellis®!

Welcome to Scroll Trellis®

Hello!  We are Larry and Diane McMurray.   Diane is the climbing plant grower and Larry is the founder of Scroll Trellis®

The start of the Scroll Trellis®  began when Diane needed a tall narrow trellis to grow clematis and couldn’t find one to buy anywhere.  Larry researched the optimal material to support clematis as they climbed and then he designed a prototype. 

At the time, we a shade garden under our deck where we had a swinging chair to relax and enjoy the garden but two things were missing.  There were many unattractive bare deck posts to look at and very little privacy from neighbors (a consequence of being in a new housing development).  Diane's solution was to look for a trellis that was about as tall as the deck posts (10 ft) so she could cover the bare posts with flowers to create a beautiful view.  Also, since most vines spread about three times as wide as the deck post, vines also create more privacy. The problem was neither of us couldn't find a trellis to fit our deck posts; we needed an approximately 9 ft Tall by 4-inch-wide trellis. 

Larry researched how clematis climb (by their leaf stems) and determined that lattice mesh was the ideal material for clematis due to the size of the lattice grid.  An additional benefit to the lattice Larry chose is it doesn’t heat up in the sun and burn the vines.  During his research, Larry found that clematis are prone to “wilt” where one cause may be due to mold, so Larry made brackets to mount the lattice mesh onto with a 2 inch offset to promote healthy airflow.  Larry made and installed his prototype on one of the deck posts. Diane tested it with a clematis plant which looked magnificent (see Clematis Hagley Hybrid, below).  And the rest is history! 

Over the past 11 years, thousands of homes now support their plants with a Scroll Trellis® and we would like to thank each and every one of our fellow gardeners for their support!

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Diane and Larry

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Our Flagship Scroll Trellis®
Our Flagship Scroll Trellis®



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