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At Scroll TrellisTM we believe everyone should have access to fresh healthy food and the tools to grow their own.

We are developing new products to make it easier to grow your own food and grow flowering vines.  Have you ever struggled with plants that outgrow their trellis support,  those big tomatoes crowding together, fighting to get a little more height, not to mention air and sunshine? Well, our newest producst, Stack Trellis™, was created to solve this problem!

  • Grow Your Own
  • Fresh-Simple-Healthy
  • Healthy Growth with the Stack Trellis
  • Backyard to Table Freshness

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Unlike the typical garden trellis where you can’t increase the height, the Stack TrellisTM gives you an option to, “add height as your plants grow”.

Whether you want to grow tasty fresh veggies in a small space or want to grow a beautiful vertical vining plant for some green privacy, Stack Trellis™ was developed from a bedside sketch in Hugo, MN when it was 50 below outside.  It turned into an actual product by the time it was raining outside and it is currently patent pending!  Now it’s your turn to have the proven cure for growing vertical!

Warm weather required!

Whether a new gardener or seasoned grower, we hope our trellis products will take your growing experiences to a new level!  With just that in mind, we have re-designed and increased the functions some old garden products and plant supports that haven't been updated for years!  They are easy to use and made to last.We would love to get your feedback Contact Us Here


Always looking to the future, we design and manufacture our unique, never seen before, patent pending products in the USA!