• Scroll Trellis products make growing vines and other climbing plants easy and beautiful
    Scroll Trellis for a Beautiful Yard
    Give your climbing plants the perfect home
  • The Scroll Trellis is easy to install and available at Home Depot, Walmart, and Amazon
    Scroll Trellis is Easy to Install
    The perfect do-it-yourself home improvement
  • Scroll Trellis is durable, easy to install, and climbing plants love it.
  • Planter Pot Garden Obelisk Orb by Scroll Trellis®
    Scroll Trellis Obelisk
    Treat your vining plants to an Orb to climb!
  • Scroll Trellis® Garden Plant Support Product Line
    Scroll Trellis Products
    Every thing you need to do the job right.
  • Scroll Trellis® Garden Obelisk Orb for Planters and Container Gardening
    And After
  • Downspout cover gutter accessory best seller clematis
    Best Seller! A Trellis for Downspouts.
    Camouflage an Eyesore
  • Garden Trellis Climbing Plants Lattice Clematis
    Scroll Trellis
    Recipient of the Golden Shovel Award

Scroll Trellis®

The Sustainable Solution for the Home Gardener

Welcome to Scroll Trellis, LLC!

Value for a reasonable price was top of mind at Scroll Trellis® as we strove to create a trellis with broad appeal that also had the quality that would last for years and wouldn’t “break the bank". We reached that goal and began manufacturing our exclusive product designs in 2011.  Our trellises are manufactured from recycled plastic that might otherwise be thrown away.  Thanks to our loyal  customers, Scroll Trellis® now support climbing plants in thousands of homes, gardens, deck posts, mailbox posts, downspouts and container gardens!

People Love Scroll Trellis...

It worked perfect for what we needed. We used it for a morning glory to wrap around our deck post.

I wanted to grow my clematis up the deck post, but I didnt want to have to build a trellis or put ugly chicken wire around the pole. 

Read more: It worked perfect for what we needed. We used it for a morning glory to wrap around our deck post.