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Creative garden trellises that work....   

to help Growers, Garden Centers and home growers grow tall, healthy plants!

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The 9 ' Garden Trellis

This is the Trellis that is sold as a kit, combine kits to make the size and shape trellis desired.



Clematis trellis Morning Glory and Cup and Saucer

 The Stack Trellis Starter Kit

The solution to small space gardening.  Made from foodsafe, medical grade materials.



Foodgrade medical safe for organic gardening

The Add A Stack Kit

Partners with the Stack Trellis™ Starter Kit to increase the Trellis height

(Starter Kit is purchased separately)



 The Basket Booster

Adds the classic elegance of a topiary with the functionality of a trellis for growing vining plants or to string solar lights.  This trellis adds a garden sphere shape to your hanging baskets or containers

Living Solar lannterns with Thunbergia and Lofus


Turn Vertical Space Green!

Our patent-pending Trellises are Made in America

Scroll Trellis